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B5M/T5M Battery Strap B5M/T5M Battery Strap B5M/T5M Battery Strap

Jammin Team Associated B5M/T5M Carbon Fiber Adjustable Battery Strap
Part: JMP-2405

Fits: Team Associated B5M/T5M
Description: JAMMIN PRODUCTS Carbon Fiber Adjustable Battery Strap fits the Associated B5M/T5M. This innovative design allows racers to precisely adjust the battery position and fine tune to different track conditions.  The Jammin Carbon Fiber Battery Strap includes locator marks for accurate adjustments and the wider platform allows for a secure fit at both “full front” or “full rear” battery positions while eliminating the use of the foam pieces. This battery strap is much stiffer and lighter than the stock unit yet it is designed to allow the chassis to flex within the OEM spec. Includes two battery stops machined from non-metallic, non-conductive material eliminating the possibility of damage to the battery pack. Made in the usa. MSRP = $ 25.95


  Jammin Battery Strap for the SC-10 Made in the USA

Jammin Team Associated SC10 Carbon Fiber Battery Hold Down Strap
Part: JMP-2400

Fits: Team Associated SC10
Description: The Jammin carbon fiber battery hold down strap replaces the stock plastic battery strap while maintaining the quick release thumb screws. This carbon fiber battery hold down strap is lighter & stronger than stock and provides multiple battery positions while maintaining the necessary clearance for terminals on LiPo packs. Made in USA. MSRP = $ 26.95




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